Making Squeebles From Leaves

Hello Friends,

We know that in many parts of the world it's now Autumn or Fall, as we read about these things in books, and we think that the idea of all the leaves turning golden and falling from the trees sounds like quite an exciting one. We've even watched a video of what we believe you humans would call 'leaf-kicking' - which looks like huge amounts of fun! We asked our inventors to send some leaves through the Squeeshoot to us, so that we could see how your leaves differ from ours. The main thing seems to be the thickness: our leaves tend to be quite substantial - perhaps a few centimetres thick! We were surprised by how thin the leaves from our inventors' world are - some were so thin that they were almost translucent (that means that you can see light shining through them. Our thicker leaves are opaque, which means you can't see anything at all through them!)

Anyway, we set our inventors a challenge: we'd like you to recreate a Squeeble from leaves! They agreed and told us that they'd make Leefee. We weren't very impressed by that, because Leafee already looks just like a leaf! Instead we challenged them to make Bitsy, who has quite a few tricky shapes, as well as some very fiddly-looking eyelashes.

So, knowing that we weren't going to let them get away with making a leafy Leefee, our inventors agreed. They gathered leaves when they took Nell out for a long walk one day and then found some more in their garden.

They told us that they found recreating certain parts of Bitsy really tricky. Squeebles only really look like Squeebles if they have perfectly round eyes, but they couldn't find any leaves that were just right, so eventually they decided to use a hole punch to cut circles from the leaves.

And then they arranged the leaves, seeds and rose petals they'd found, until they'd created something that looked a bit like Bitsy! We love it.

If it's Autumn or Fall where you are right now, we'd love to see if you make any of your own leaf creatures! You can always ask a parent to send any photos or artwork to
If you'd like to make a Squeeble leaf creature, but can't decide which one of us to leafify* you can find each of us on the 'Who's Who' sheet, available in the Fun Stuff section of our inventors' website.

Take care,
Whizz :)

* Leafify is not actually a real word. But we think it ought to be.

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