Design a Rocket Competition!

Hello Friends,

We need your help! We'd love you to get out your paints, pens or pencils to design us a rocket to feature in the next educational Squeebles app! We'll be awarding a £25 Amazon voucher to the winner to share with their family or school and you'll be credited for your design within the app!

The app will contain lots of different rockets designs and we'd love yours to be one of them. Here are just a few of the ones our inventors have designed so far. As you can see, you can take a couple of different approaches with your design: you can just go wild decorating the rocket so that it looks fantastic; you can draw a scene on the rocket, or you can turn your rocket into Big Ben, or a strawberry milkshake. Think as wide and wild as you can and come up with something you think is fantastic and that you'd like to see in one of the Squeebles apps!

You can download a rocket template to design on here!

You'll need to get your skates on with this though, because our inventors are not too far off finishing the next Squeebles app and for your rocket to have a chance of being included, you'll need to get your finished design to us within the next two weeks, by midday on Monday 23rd February 2015!

Please ask your parent or teacher to email a scan or photo of your design to, as well as asking them to read the terms and conditions below - they'll need to agree to these when they send in your entry!

We can't wait to see what you come up with! We'll be announcing a winning rocket shortly after the competition closing date!

Whizz :)

Terms & Conditions:
Thank you so much for entering our competition! The winning rocket will be reproduced by KeyStageFun as a digital rocket in keeping with our other rockets in terms of style, but all elements of the design will be taken as faithfully as possible from the entrant's drawing. The copyright and ownership of the finished rocket we create from an entrant's design will belong to Ian & Florence Knapp / KeyStageFun. Each entrant confirms that their drawing and all associated information is their own and does not infringe anyone else's copyright in any way. Ian and Florence Knapp / KeyStageFun cannot be held responsible for any infringement of copyright unknown to them within any entry. If desired by the winner and confirmed by their parent or guardian, we are happy to credit them within the finished app as the creator of one of the rockets. The winner shall not receive any monies or benefit in any other way from the sale of any apps or other materials featuring their rocket in the future. Each entrant agrees that their rocket may be used in promotional materials produced to promote KeyStageFun in the future as well as any other apps, video content, television production, books or other written or visual materials produced for sale or promotional use in the future. By submitting an entry you agree that it may be featured on the KeyStageFun website/Facebook/Twitter or Meet the Squeebles blog (along with the entrant's first name and age if the entrant's parent or guardian gives permission for this). KeyStageFun have already created many, as yet unpublished, rockets: if one of the rockets which appears in the final app happens to be similar to an entrant's design which was not chosen as a winner, KeyStageFun cannot be held responsible for this coincidence. 

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