A New App! Squeebles Maths Race!

Hello Friends,

I'm so excited to tell you about the latest app featuring me and lots of my Squeebles friends! It's called Squeebles Maths Race and it's the first app that our inventors have ever made where two children can play on it at exactly the same time!

This is how the screen will look when you're playing against a friend or a brother or sister - you can sit on opposite sides of the screen from one another, eyes down, fingers ready to move at lightening speed as you prepare to race your flipflish through the Rushing River!

In Squeebles Maths Race, you can pick a Squeeble and a Flipfish for it to ride on and, with each question that you answer, your Flipfish will be propelled toward the finish line! And you don't have to find someone who is at exactly the same level as you are with answering mental arithmetic questions, because the app lets you set the difficulty level of the questions you're answering so that you can have a fair race against siblings or even parents! Yes, your parents can do really, really tricky subtraction questions, like 795 - 426, while you're mastering your times tables…or that could be the other way around if you're already a maths whizz!).

But there are probably lots of times when you might want to practise some maths questions, but don't have anyone to race against…for those times you can race against my Squeeble friends!

There's Min, who is a beginner when it comes to maths - she takes a little bit longer to work things out at the moment and if you're trying to learn a new times table or work best when you're not under pressure, Min is the perfect race opponent for you…and if you don't win every time, Min will be eternally grateful.

Leefee is a rookie - he's actually been putting in quite a lot of time recently with his mental arithmetic, but he's still working on building up his speed.

Sav is a pro when it comes to maths - if you're feeling brave and fairly confident in your maths skills, Sav may be just the right opponent to take your mathematical racing speed up to the next level as you'll have to think quickly!

Sapphire is a maths expert. Choose to race her on those days where you wake up and your brain feels sharp and ready to do some rapid mathematical somersaults, because you'll need to be on good form to win a race against her.

Sal is a maths legend! Only challenge her to a race when you're feeling particularly confident…she tends to have her Flipfish cutting through the water like it's being pulled by a jet ski as she answers questions at lightning speed!

And then there's Crunch. Super Legend. If you can beat Crunch in a race, I think you have the right to call yourself a Mathematical Super Legend too. His flipfish is just a streak, a blur, a rush in the water. In fact, he travels so quickly that barely a ripple appears - it's like he was never even there! If you can beat him, I, Whizz, am in awe of your crazy maths skills.

Not only will you have the fun of racing your friends, family or classmates in this app, but you'll also be awarded stars for answering questions correctly. You can save up stars and then trade them for different Squeebles and flipfish to ride on during the races!

If you're interested in trying out the new app, you can ask your parent or teacher to take a look at our website for more information or suggest that they search for 'Squeebles Maths Race' in the app store!

I hope you love the new app!

Take care,
Whizz :)

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