Design a Squeebles T-shirt: Win a Kindle Fire!

Hello Friends,

I have two pieces of incredible news to share with you! The first is that there are now t-shirts with me and some of the other Squeebles on them! And the second, is that we want you to design a t-shirt to sit alongside these, which may be worn by Squeebles fans all over the world!!! Keep reading…there's a shiny new Kindle Fire to be won, as well as a copy of the t-shirt you've designed!

Here are some of the t-shirts that are out there right now (if you'd like one added to your birthday wish list, your parents can find more information here). What we'd love you to do is to design a Squeebles scene to go on brand new t-shirt. It can either feature:

  • An exciting Squeeble adventure
  • Or maybe one of the your favourite Squeebles going about its hobby
  • Or perhaps you could design a completely new Squeeble
You can use colouring pens or pencils, paint, collage, glitter, a computer drawing programme or whatever other medium you can think of. 

We'll pick one winner and our inventors will copy your design to create a digital version…this is how it's worked in the past:

Our inventors love creating Squeebles from your drawings, and this time they're really excited about the idea of using some of your artwork to create a whole scene! We can't wait to see how it will look!!!

This is the prize if you create the winning design: A Kindle Fire HD for your family or school (depending on whether it was your parent or teacher who emailed in your entry); a t-shirt showing your own digitised design; huge pride in the knowledge that your t-shirt design may be worn by Squeeble fans around the world.

You have until June 13th to enter, so don't waste any time gathering together your art materials! Your parents or teachers can find out more about the terms and conditions for the competition and where to email your entries to here.

Take care,
Whizz :)

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