Tongue Twisters

Here on Squeeble Island we've been busy making up our own tongue twisters. See if you can say them aloud and then find out how many times you can repeat each one before your tongue gets in a twist. Let's begin with the one that Max made up about the Math's Monster!

The mean Maths Monster's moans multiplied massively when Max mastered multiplication


Wise Whizz watched which witches were washing wellingtons with which wet wellington washer 


If Su chews shoes, should Su choose the shoes she chews?


Flash fled from five frantic frogs who faced fifty flip-fishes, flipping fishy tails at the five frantic frogs who Flash was fleeing from.  


Flash fished for fresh fish
Flash thought he might fry the freshly fished fish
But instead Flash freed the fresh fish
And followed the freshly freed fish all the way home


Squeebles' squeeberangs squirt squidgy, squelchy squirts of squelches straight at speeding squeeblecarts! 


Tongue twisters are fun and easy to make up. Why not think up some of your own? Start with your name, or the name of one of your friends, and then think of some words that start with the same first letter as their name or which sound similar to it and go from there. We asked Jingo to do this and this is what he came up with:

Jingo's jangly jingles jangle jauntily 

If write any of your own that cause your tongue to go positively loopy when you try to say them, I'd love to be able to share them with the other Squeebles. Just ask a parent or teacher to email them to me at

Take care, 
Whizz :)

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