A Map of Squeeble Island

Hello Friends,

Happy new year to you! I hope you had a great Christmas!

Our inventors have told us that it's probably your first week back at school after a long holiday. After so long pottering about with your family, getting up late and playing with new toys, we're guessing that the first day back may feel very tiring! So, if you hadn't already noticed this on our website, we wanted to give a you a treat to come home to: a map! Of Squeeble Island!

We've talked about so many different places around Squeeble Island here on the blog, and so many of those places also appear in the apps that we feature in, so we thought that you may enjoy seeing the whole thing laid out in one place, so that you can properly imagine it all. There are also lots of things on there that you might not have heard about yet, so you might want to have a good look around and study it for new things. I'm really looking forward to telling you all about it - there are so many stories to share.

In the meantime, you can either look at it in full, enormous-scale on your computer, over on the KeyStageFun website on the 'Fun Stuff' page, or you can ask a parent or teacher if they'd be happy to print a copy out for you to keep.

We hope you enjoy the map and that you have a great first week back at school!

Whizz :)

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