Meet Flame!

You might remember that last year our inventors ran a 'Design a Squeeble' competition, where the winner, Martha, was awarded the prize of having her jellylicious Squeeble, Wobble, appear in our latest app, as well as winning a shiny new iPad! The entries were so impressive, that FOUR runner up designs were also chosen to feature alongside Wobble!

The inventors' own children obviously couldn't enter the competition, but when their son designed this squeeble called Flame, they decided that they loved him so much, that they'd make room for him in the new app too!

This is what their son told us about Flame:

Name: Flame
Hobbies: Cricket and reading
Favourite Foods: Flame likes pizza and carrots
Interesting Fact: His family have passed the name Flame down from father to son
Personality: Flame is very kind and excitable. He likes doing magic and is very pleased when he gets a trick right, which is not very often. 

I love seeing children's designs for new squeebles so much that I asked my inventors to give me my very own email address - you can now send me, and the other Squeebles, your drawings, stories or questions to whizz(at)meetthesqueebles(dot)com (ask a parent or teacher first though!). I'll try to feature as much of your artwork as I can here on my blog and you never know, if we really love your design, we might even try to persuade our inventors to feature him or her in a future app! 

Take care,  
Whizz :)

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