Our Runners-Up

 Hello Friends,

In my last post I told you all about Wobble, the Squeeble who was created by the winner of our 'Design a Squeeble and Win an iPad' competition. Today, I want to introduce you to the four new Squeebles who have been designed by our runners-up!

On the left (can you remember how to tell your left from your right? If not, you might want to learn my simple tip for remembering!), is Ti, who was designed by Nicole, aged 6! She says that he likes to fly and swim! We can't wait to meet him to find out whether he likes to fly around on a Squeeberang or whether he can ACTUALLY fly! Flying isn't something that any other Squeeble has ever been able to do, so we're really excited to speak to Ti when he arrives here on Squeeble Island! 

On the right is Leefee, drawn by Joel, aged 10. Apparently Leefee is a bit of a chameleon who loves to hide by blending in the with the leaves on trees and bushes. Joel also wrote that he loves making friends - we're so pleased to hear that as even though we're really excited about all these new Squeebles arriving, we're also feeling slightly nervous and hoping that they'll be all be friendly and want to join in with our fun! 

And here's Frilly, with her beautiful head of frilly petal-hair! Jemima, aged 8, her inventor, didn't say anything about Frilly particularly enjoying hide and seek, but we're wondering if she'll be just as good as Leefee at this game as she will blend in perfectly when she's crouched down in a flower bed! Jemima says that Frilly holds a world record for skipping! She must have developed an excellent way of getting the rope to fly high above her head each time she takes a skip, as those petals look like an added obstacle for the skipping rope! We can't wait to learn her technique for perfect skipping.

And finally, meet Kaboom, designed by Louis, aged 9. Kaboom not only looks like a volcano, but apparently he occasionally makes loud, explosive noises to scare people! Some of the Squeebles here are feeling a little wary...we're thinking of wearing ear mufflers as we're wondering if he's going to arrive with a bang! (ha ha!) Ruby is busy making some chilli flavoured ice-cream to welcome him with, as Louis writes that he loves spicy foods!

Thank you so much to our friends who designed these amazing Squeebles to come and live with us! And thank you to all the others who entered the competition but didn't win this time...we wish that you all could have won...but we're sure that they'll be another competition in the future.

Whizz :)

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