A winner!

Hello Friends,

Thank you so much for all the amazing entries that you sent in for our 'Design a Squeeble and Win an iPad' competition. We were so impressed by what a creative and talented bunch Squeeble-users are! Your art work was stunning! I wish that every single one of the Squeebles you designed could have come to live with us here on Squeeble Island!

We're so excited to introduce our soon-to-be-new-friend Wobble to you! Wobble is designed by Martha, aged 7, and was chosen as the overall winning entry. Wobble sounded characterful, looked bright and colourful and, importantly, Martha had designed something that looked so Squeeble-like! Our inventors have already arranged for Martha's new iPad to be sent to her and in a few months time Wobble will appear with us in the next Squeebles app! Here's what Martha said about Wobble when she submitted her entry:

Squeeble Name: Wobble
Favourite Food: Rainbow jelly
Hobbies: Hula-hooping and cartwheeling
Other Information: If you point a torch at Wobble the light goes straight through him!

While Wobble is making his way to us here on Squeeble Island, we asked our inventors to send some questions over to Martha, so that we could find out some more about him. Martha's answers will appear in purple, as we think that may be one of her favourite colours.

1. We love the new Squeeble, Wobble, which you've designed. We can't wait until he arrives on Squeeble Island so that we can see if a torch light really does shine through him! Have you ever done this with a real jelly that's not a Squeeble? Did the light shine through it?
Yes! We did an experiment in Science at school. We shone a torch at different things to see if they are opaque or transparent.

2. Apart from obviously being a bit Wobbly, are there any other things that we should know about Wobble to help him settle in here on Squeeble Island? Any things that will make him really happy and feel welcome? 
He eats blueberries and raspberries, and likes to drink Cloudberry juice. Do you have any there? He would really like a candy floss bed to sleep in! Also Wobble's favourite ice cream is Chocolate and Raspberry!

3. Is there anything that Wobble is scared of? 
Wobble is scared of loud noises. They make him jump, and then he goes all wibbly wobbly!

4. We noticed that Wobble has little blue splodges over him. Are these blueberries sprinkled throughout his Jellyish body or something else?
Yes they are blueberries! It's because he eats so many!

5. Please could you tell us which Squeeble you are most like yourself and why?
I think I am most like Max. I love playing outside in the woods. I have also climbed up a really big mountain in Norway! 

I hope you enjoyed reading Martha's answers to my questions! We are busy preparing Wobble's candy floss's not as big and fluffy as we were hoping it would be though as we keep nibbling on little bits of it...

Whizz :)

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