Squeebles can help you to learn other languages!

Hello Friends,

Today I wanted to tell you about how you can use our Squeebles Spelling Test app in new and exciting ways! The Squeebles Spelling app usually allows your teacher or parent to set up tests for you using your weekly spelling list or just any words that they know you're finding tricky. But did you know that it can also help you to learn another language?

You can ask your parent or teacher to enter new, foreign words for you to learn to say AND spell. They can enter short phrases or words, record them for you to hear, and even tell you what they mean in English.

Some foreign languages use special characters or accented letters in their words, so our inventors have created a separate keypad in the app including the most commons ones so that you can spell the words perfectly. Just tap on the green EA key on the keyboard to access them and then tap again to switch back to the regular keypad.

To make your tests foreign-letters-friendly, you'll need to ask your parent or teacher to turn on the 'Foreign Characters' setting under your player name in the Parents' Zone, so that it's glowing orange, like the one above! They can then use the keypad with extra characters too:

Mmm. Someone is being tested on how to say 'This is delicious' in French...I wonder if they've been eating one of Ruby's ice-creams...

Finally, I wanted to show you a picture that our inventors received this week. It's drawn by Tom, who's aged 6. Tom's parents said that they would be happy for me to share it on our blog with you, so here it is - you can see Mud, Bebe, me, Bitsy and Raino! Merci beaucoup, Tom, c'est fantastique! (that means 'Thank you very much, Tom, it's fantastic!' in French). We love to see your artwork, so please do email it to our inventors and I'll try to share as much as I can here on my blog. And remember, if you enjoy drawing Squeebles you may like to enter our competition where you can win an iPad and have your own Squeeble design featured in the next app.

I hope you have a great week,

Whizz :)


  1. Hi,

    I like the look of this app - a very good idea to help with the weekly spelling chore! Just one comment though, which is that it would be better if the keyboard were lowercase.


    1. Hi Helen,

      The spelling app didn't used to have an upper and lower case keyboard, but feedback from one of our inventors' customers suggested that her son would find this useful too, so for that reason we updated the app so that parents can choose which keyboard their child uses. If you look at the third image down in the post above, you'll see that within the settings for each player you have the option of selecting a lowercase or uppercase keyboard.

      I hope that helps,
      Whizz :)