Design a Squeeble and win an iPad!

Hello Friends,

Today I'm excited to tell you that our inventors are running a competition asking you to design a new Squeeble to come and live with us here on Squeeble Island. Not only will this new Squeeble join our fun here, it will also appear in the next app, meaning the winning design will be seen by hundreds of thousands of children all around the world!

We're going to help our inventors to pick out the Squeeble design we love the best and the winning artist will be sent an brand new iPad!

This is the third time we've run this competition (although never before with the added prize of a shiny new iPad) and I want to show you how our inventors have created a Squeeble based on your drawings in the past. You can see the original drawing on the left and the finished design created by our inventors on the right.

First, here's Joshua's Squeeble, Raino, which was the winner of one of our other competitions. Joshua's character is based on a raindrop, which we loved! Raino also appeared in the app's credits.

We've also featured Squeeble designs from Poppy, who invented Bebe:

And Seth, who created Mud:

Aren't they fantastic! We love them. Just think, if Poppy, Seth and Joshua had never drawn those pictures, Bebe, Mud and Raino wouldn't even exist. We're so excited about who you might invent to come and live with us next. We can't wait to see your pictures and read your description of their personalities.

You can either enter with your school (for a chance of winning the iPad for your class) or ask your mum or dad to photograph or scan in your picture and send it to us (and if you won, the iPad would be given to you and your family to use). You can design as many Squeebles as you like and enter in one or both of these ways.

If you'd like to enter your own Squeeble design, ask your parent or teacher to read the entry rules and find out where to send a photo or scan of your design, here.

Whizz :)

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