Our new Squeebles Word Search app!

Hello Friends,

I'm so excited to tell you about the latest Squeebles app! We love word searches, so when our inventors told us that we'd be starring in a Squeebles word search app we were really pleased. 

We like word searches that contain lots of words about a particular subject, because just thinking about that group of words can transport you to a different place while you're hunting for the words. On a really rainy day, looking for sunshiny words can make you feel like you're actually on a summer holiday if you don't look out of the window! So, we suggested some topics for word searches that our inventors could use. There are word searches about: clothes, ice cream; football; outer space; growing things; pirates; the ocean, pets, baking and making things; fairy tales; nature; Christmas; summer holidays; music; sports; parties; food; around town; animals, Squeebles! Once you've chosen the subject, you can then choose whether the search contains easy, medium or hard words, so that you get a word search that's just right for you. 

But what's really great about this app is that you, your parents, your teachers or your brothers and sisters can also make your own word searches. You can ask a grown-up to help you enter some words so that they can double-check that they're spelled correctly (this will keep the Spelling Snake from feeling grumpy...or hissy, as he'd probably say, being a snake!) and then the app will generate a specially-made, no-other-word-search-like-it-in-the-entire-world, just-for-you word search. 

This app will help with your reading, it will help you to become familiar with the correct spelling for a word and it will help you to become really good at finding needles in haystacks (because a word search is a bit like that: you're trying to root out one word in a massive jumble of letters).

And each time you've found all the words in the word search, you'll be rewarded with one very shiny, star-filled, toadstool-jumping, wonderful turn in the Squeebles' Pet Race! 

Zoot's pet squog (you might remember from this blog post that a squog is a cross between a Squeeble and a dog), Onion, is the star of the pet race and it's your job to help him to collect stars and bones, jump over toadstools, piles of logs, and even on to flowers! While you do this, you must be very careful to try not to EVER bump into the Spelling Snake's head, because that will cause Onion to lose ten of the stars that you've just helped him to collect! 

The app will count the number of stars you've won and you'll be entered on to a high score table with anyone else who uses the same iPad or tablet as you, so that you can compete against your family (or if you're using the app at school, your friends and classmates) to see who can help Onion to collect the most stars. We'd love to hear what your highest score is and what you think of the new app. 

If you think it sounds like something you'd like, you can tell your parents or teachers about it. If they like the sound of it too, they'll need to search for 'Squeebles Word Search' in the iPad or Android tablet app stores.

Whizz :)

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