Meet Onion, our squog

Hello Friends,

You might remember that our inventors got a new puppy, Nell, earlier this year. We ask for news of their puppy quite often as we don't have pets here on Squeebles Island. They tell us all about the funny things she does, how cuddly she is, the tricks she's learned and sometimes we watch her through the computer screen. One time she came and licked the screen with her enormous pink tongue and we all ducked down screaming!

Eventually, our inventors realised that we were beginning to feel a bit jealous of the pets humans have, so they said that they'd design a special Squeeble pet that was just like us, but smaller and more cuddly and mischievous.

But when our inventors posted the pet through the Squeeshoot to send it to Squeebles Island things didn't go quite as expected.

The Squeeshoot works in a similar way to a television...only better. To make programmes appear on your television, sound and picture codes are transmitted via radio waves, before being picked up by the receiver inside your television and appearing on your screen. But because the things our inventors send us don't just appear on a screen, but are able to be held in our hands, it's an even more complex process. Sometimes it can go wrong.

When they sent us our Squeeble pet, they also sent us a picture of their dog, Nell. And as the Squeeble pet and the picture of Nell travelled over the airwaves the two things became mixed up. What arrived was a cross between a dog and a Squeeble and we've ended up with a Squog!

Even though this isn't quite the pet our inventors had planned for us, our squog is so much fun and we love him. We've called him Onion. At first Onion was shy and we thought that he was a very well-behaved sort of squog...but once he'd settled in he became much more playful...and naughty! He likes digging up our plumatopea plants and running off with them in his mouth (you might remember plumatopeas from another blog post - they're the amazing fruits that grow beneath peacock feathers!).

He also likes jumping on toadstools and when he sees a row of them he wags his tail and then takes a big run up and jumps on top of them, bouncing along until he falls off. Onion never seems to get hurt though - he's a very sturdy sort of animal! In the evening he's finally run out of energy and he comes and sits next to us in the roundhouse and enjoys having his ears stroked.

Whizz :)

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