Impressing the customers

Hello Friends,

Today I wanted to give a few tips about how to impress the customers at Ruby's Ice-Cream Parlour with your ice-creams when you're playing on our Squeebles Maths Bingo app.

If you don't have Squeebles Maths Bingo already, it's an app that lets you practice adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying by trying to get five correct answers in a row to make the squares on the grid light up and flash with the word BINGO!

Playing Maths Bingo is really a game in itself, but you'll also earn ice-cream flavours and cones to use in Ruby's ice-cream parlour! You can create any ice-cream you like with different flavours, sprinkles and sauces that you've won. Once you've made the perfect ice-cream you can then choose any one of the Squeebles that you've won and present it to them to eat...they will then give your ice-cream marks out of 10!

But this is where things get tricky. Squeeble customers aren't like human customers. We like some really odd things and each of us has very different taste. Some Squeebles can be made happy by giving them the same kind of things that I've heard humans might like (such as a chocolate ice-cream with a wafer in the top) but others will prefer a baked bean ice-cream with broccoli sauce drizzled over it.

I thought you might like it if I gave you some clues about how you can make certain customers happy. So this morning I went to see Ruby at her ice-cream parlour and asked her what kind of flavours some of the other Squeebles were asking for.

  • Ruby told me that Raino goes dizzy for sweet, gooey ice-creams.
  • She said that Jingo loves an ice-cream that has a very weird combination of flavours.
  • She revealed that Bitsy is a very healthy sort of Squeeble, preferring fruity or nutty ice-creams. 
  • Bash apparently shares Bitsy's healthiness, but he likes his health to come with a scoop of spiciness and a helping of something weirdly flavoured. 
  • Chalky is well known for loving peanut butter, so it didn't surprise me when Ruby shared with me that Chalky loves nutty and crunchy ice-creams. 
  • Finally, she told me that Lumina lights up inside when she tastes minty, gooey or healthy ice-creams. 

I hope that helps you to make your Squeeble customers even happier! Let me know if you think you've found any flavour combinations that make any of the other Squeebles happy...or ones that you should avoid serving!

Whizz :)

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