Use the Colour Force

Hello Friends, 

Have you started using the latest Squeebles app yet (that's Squeebles Times Tables 2!)? If you have, you'll no doubt already be playing Bubble-Ball, the mini game within the app that you can earn turns on by doing well in learning your times tables. Today I wanted to tell you all about using Colour Force to help you flick your Bubble-balls even further! 

Using Colour Force, you'll be able to enjoy flinging us over even more amazing distances and will hopefully rack up some fantastic scores. I bet no one has catapulted themselves out of Sparkle Falls into the Swamp Marsh yet and I'd like to help you on your way! (That could be very messy and I'm not actually sure it's possible, but let me know if you manage it). 

When you choose a Squeeble, you'll see a box marked 'CF' and next to it you'll find a colour. CF stands for Colour Force and in the screenshot above, you can see that the CF box has turned purple to match the colour written inside. To achieve the maximum colour force, you should try and use a Squeeble and a bubble ball that have the same colour force.

You can see in this screen shot that I scrolled through the Bubble-balls until I found one to match Claw's purple colour force. 

Now that the CF is matched up, you're ready to flick your Bubble-Ball with maximum power!

But that's not all! When you're answering times tables questions, every now and then you'll find yourself awarded with a Bubble-Stone, like the one pictured below. When this happens you should be aware that if you team a Squeeble and a Bubble-ball of that colour together AND you're in possession of a Bubble-Stone of the same colour....then wild and crazy distances may be achieved when that Bubble-Ball is flicked! 

Stand back and prepare to be amazed!

Whizz :)

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