Squeebles Times Tables 2!

Hello Friends,

I'm so excited to tell you that a new app featuring me and the other Squeebles is now available! You might already have the original Squeebles Times Tables app, which hopefully will already be helping you to learn and practice your tables. That app was the very first Squeebles app that our inventors created...and they decided that it was time to make it just as exciting and interactive as the other apps which came after it.

The new app has lots of different ways of being tested on your tables and many more things to collect. It also features a game called Bubble Ball! Do you remember the blog post where I told you about a new game we'd been playing after Jingo had accidentally fallen down the Sparkle Falls waterfall, only to find himself being catapulted through the air in a bubble ball after being thwacked by the tail of a flip fish? Well, our inventors decided that you might like to be able to play that game too, so that's right at the centre of the new Squeebles Times Tables 2 app!

And what is really fantastic is that with every times table you answer correctly, you'll be earning stars to trade in for even better bubble balls, which will increase the distances you can travel...or flip fish with more powerful tails, which can flick you further!

The Parents' Zone now includes detailed stats of all your progress so that you can wow your mum, dad, grandparents or teachers with just how much you're learning.

And don't worry, the things that you loved about the original app, such as finding out all about us, are still included. Oh look, here's my own card above!

If you think you might like to try learning your times tables using the new app, then your parents can find it by searching 'Squeebles Times Tables 2' in the app store or they can find out more about the new app here.

We can't wait to hear what you think of our new app!

Whizz :)

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