A quiz: which animal are you?

Hello Friends,

It's Whizz here. It seems like a long time ago since we told you that our inventors had invited a puppy to come and live with them. We asked for some photos of her and our inventor sent us pictures of her most recent trip to the beach. We feel slightly worried: she looks huge!

We know quite a lot about the animals in the human world now because we've been reading books about them. We thought you might like the quiz that we made up for each other - it's all about which animal you're most like.

Just answer the questions and note down on a piece of paper whether your answer is a, b, c, d or e. At the end count up how many of each letter you had. Whichever letter appears most often is the animal that you're most similar to!

What would be your favourite way to spend an afternoon?

a) curled up on my bed with a good book
b) running around at the park with my friends
c) playing on the floats at the swimming pool
d) making a camp in the garden
e) watching television

Where would you like to live if you could live anywhere?

a) in a cosy house with a lovely warm fire
b) I love people, so I'd like to live wherever my friends and family are
c) close to water
d) in a tree house
e) somewhere near to everything I might need - I don't like to travel too much

How much do you like to sleep?

a) I wake up in the night, so feel tired sometimes in the day
b) I love to sleep, but when I wake up I'm supercharged and very lively!
c) I'm a light sleeper and don't like to close my eyes too often
d) I love to get up early in the morning
e) I feel quite lively in the summer, but during the winter I just want to stay in bed!

What do you like to eat?

a) I like meaty and fishy things!
b) I'll eat anything...very quickly!
c) I'm happy to wait for my food until I see something tasty passing by
d) I've got quite a small appetite, so I like tiny treats
e) I like fresh things like salad and vegetables.

What kind of personality do you have?

a) I'm quite quiet, but I like to cuddle people I know well
b) I'm noisy, confident and love people
c) I'm content. I'm happy watching the world going by
d) I like to have something to keep me busy
e) I'm quite lazy! I like to have a big think about something before I actually do it.

Which of these activities would you enjoy most?

a) playing chase
b) playing with balls
c) basking in the sun
d) singing
e) thinking

Which creature are you most like?

If you answered mostly A: you're like a cat - sweet and with a reserved, quiet nature
If you answered mostly B: you're quite like Nell, our inventors' puppy!
If you answered mostly C: if you were an animal you'd be a frog - you love water and like the sun
If you answered mostly D: you're quite like a bird - you love making things, singing and fluttering about all over the place.
If you answered mostly E: you're similiar to a tortoise: sweet natured and thoughtful, you like to do things s l o w l y!

When I did this quiz I answered mostly maybe I have more in common with Nell, our inventors' puppy than I thought!

Whizz :)


  1. i'm like a cat and i used to have a cat

  2. Perhaps people like to have pets that are a bit like themselves? From what I've heard about cats, I think I'd like them, although I haven't seen any here on Squeeble Island! Whizz :)