Fortunately, unfortunately

Hello friends,

It's been raining on Squeeble Island this week so we've spent a lot of time inside in the roundhouse playing games. I thought you might like to hear about our current favourite, which is a storytelling game called Fortunately,  Unfortunately.

We sit in a circle and take it in turns to tell a story, each saying one line at a time. The first Squeeble opens the story with a sentence. Then the next can say one line, but it must begin with the word 'fortunately'. The next Squeeble then says a line, this time starting their sentence with the word 'unfortunately'. It continues like that, taking it in turns to say a sentence starting with 'fortunately' or 'unfortunately. The end of the game normally comes when we are all laughing too much to carry on speaking.

Here's one of our stories:

Ruby (who was balancing upside-down on her head at this point): One day Whizz was walking to my ice cream parlour...
Jingo: Fortunately, it was a lovely, sunny day, so Whizz was feeling very excited about eating an ice-cream.
Trig: Unfortunately, a large crack appeared in the ground so that Whizz couldn't get to the ice-cream parlour.
Lex: Fortunately, Whizz found a ladder which he could lay over the crack and use as a temporary bridge!
Globbo: Unfortunately, the ladder wasn't very strong and it began to snap!
Toastie: Fortunately, Whizz was able to cling onto one of the rungs of the ladder and then swing from rung to rung until he reached safety.
Zuma: Unfortunately, as soon as he reached safety a large and very hungry seagull swooped down and flew off with him.
Pip: Fortunately, the seagull wasn't very strong and Whizz fell from its evil beak!
Swipe: Unfortunately, he landed in the sea.
Flush: Fortunately, Whizz was a very good swimmer and swam back to the Island.
Baz: Unfortunately, it was the wrong island!
Mud: Fortunately, the new island was full of cherries though, which are Whizz's favourite food!
Raino: Unfortunately, Whizz ate so many that he began to feel rather unwell and turned bright green.
Spoon: Fortunately, this meant that he blended in well with the grass.
Chalky: Because unfortunately, there was a Squeeble-eating monster on the loose!
Zabba: Fortunately, Whizz's camouflage was so good that the Squeeble-eating monster didn't see him.
Gloobie: Unfortunately though, he ran straight over him and squashed him flat like a green pancake.
Min: Fortunately, he was lying next to a bicycle pump which was able to re-inflate him
Chalky: Unfortunately, he became over-inflated. Eventually he was so big that he covered the whole of the cherry island and the sea too!
Bramble: Fortunately, when Whizz began blocking out the sun, Trig noticed there was a problem and began to think up a plan.

Our story didn't get much further as we all asked Trig what his plan would be in that situation and Trig replied that his only option would be to pop Whizz to let the air out. We all imagined Whizz whizzing around the island like a balloon does when it's deflating.

It's such a fun game to play on a rainy day or during a car journey and you can play it with a big group or just with two of you. Why don't you try it? If you need inspiration, I'll give a you a good opening sentence, but please don't end up blowing me up with a bicycle pump in your story.

One day Whizz was sitting in the sun eating Plumatopeas...

Whizz :)

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