Competition winner

Hello Friends,

I'm so excited to announce a winner to our competition! Yesterday we sorted through the entries and realised that we had a very difficult decision to make: they were all fantastic and the houses that had been designed for us were amazing! We're now feeling like there are some improvements we could make to our current homes!

But as there is currently only ONE toy version of me in the whole world, so sadly there can only be one winner.  After a lots of discussion, we eventually all agreed that Anna, who is 7 years old, should be our winner of this competition. Anna had designed a house especially for Ruby to live in and we loved the gemstones that she'd decorated the outside with - Ruby thought it was a dazzlingly good idea.

Anna wrote:
This is Ruby's house. It will suit her because the house is covered in gemstones and has strawberries on the roof. I put glitter on the house to make it extra sparkly for Ruby. She likes to sit outside in her red deckchair with her shopping bag. I chose Ruby because she is my favourite Squeeble.
 Yesterday, we asked our inventor if Ruby would be able to interview Anna. Our inventor wrote to Anna's mum with our questions and her mum kindly sent back Anna's answers (very speedily as Anna wasn't well that day, so was off school) - we hope you enjoy reading Anna's answers as much as we did! (Ruby's questions in red, Anna's answers in black and The Squeebles' responses in pink).

Hi Anna. It's Ruby here. I love the house you've designed for me and I can't wait to start living in it! I'd like to ask you a few questions if that's okay, for our Squeebles blog...

Q1. I really like the strawberries on the roof of the house you've created for me. What's your favourite part of the house you designed? Why is it your favourite part?

 I like the glitter best because it's sparkly and I like sparkly stuff. [Me too!]

Q2. If you were a Squeeble, which one would you be and why?

I'd be Whizz because I love to run fast and I like cherries. [I love cherries too, but not as much as strawberries. Mmmmm]

Q3. I own an ice cream parlour. If you came to visit me there, what flavour of ice cream would you have (it can be a mixture of several flavours).

I'd like vanilla with a lollipop stuck in it and chocolate sauce. [That sounds amazing! I'll have to try that one next time I'm at the ice cream parlour.]

Q4. The Squeebles are thinking of getting a pet! Do you have any pets? If so, what kind of pets do you have and what are the best things about them? If not, just tell us what your favourite kind of animal is and why.

I've got three tropical fish called Starshine, Blackpatch and Frogspawn. The best thing about them is that they always look beautiful and colourful and I like to read them stories. [That's great that you read to them - I bet they love a good "tail"... tee hee hee]

Q5. As you know, I love going shopping for nice things and eating strawberries. What is the thing you enjoy doing most in the whole world?

I like eating cake, running and playing tennis. [Not all at the same time though I hope!!!]

We're really sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well. We wish there was something we could do to help but Squeeble medicine doesn't really work on people. Get well soon!!!

Thank you I am feeling a bit better! [That's wonderful - the Squeebles are all really happy to hear that!]

We're going to send Anna her prize Whizz toy and feel that he will be going to a very lovely home because Anna sounds like she is incredibly kind to her fish and as though they probably have a very interesting life. 

We'd also like to show you just a few of our other favourite entries. We're so sorry we don't have room to show them all, but these two were close runner's up to Anna's house for Ruby.

Louis, aged 9, designed this wonderful house for Blob. We love that it has an antenna just like Blob's. In Louis' description of the house he told us that Blob gets up to his bedroom by an escalator and comes down via a slide. We all thought the idea of having an escalator to carry us up the stairs was brilliant (especially when we're exhausted after a hard day of digging up Plumatoepeas!)  

Emily, who is 8, designed this amazing house for Whizz. We think it's wonderful that it has a Squeeberang for a door knocker!

Thank you so much to everyone who entered our competition - we loved your designs and hope you enjoyed creating them. Congratulations once again to Anna!

Whizz :)


  1. Great designs. Emily had a lot of fun with this competition and agress that the two other designs are fantastic. Thank you.

  2. hi it is emily i think anna should of got the prize and she did well done anna

  3. Thank you so much for your comments, Emily and Emily's mum! We absolutely loved your drawing and wish we'd had more of me to give away as it was so hard to choose. Keep up with your drawing...I (and the rest of the Squeebles) think you are very talented! Whizz :)