Rainy Days

Hello Friends, 

We've been busy here on Squeeble Island, so I haven't had time to write on my blog for a quite a few days now. Last week, when it had rained for so many days that the wheels of our Squeeblecarts got stuck in the mud, we all began to feel a little bit bored. Our inventors thought about what might keep us amused and eventually a soft black box appeared through the Squeeshoot - they'd decided to let us borrow their camera! 

We've taken HUNDREDS of photos! We take photos of each others faces so close up that you can see the furry edges of Jingo's eyelashes...

...or so far away that Lex looks like a tiny dot in the distance.

We even put the camera lens up against the end of our telescope and took photos of ships in the distance where the sun was starting to shine through the clouds - these photos look especially cool as they have a ring around them where the round end of the telescope has blocked out the light. 

And then, when the rain had finally stopped, we all went out into the meadow and arranged ourselves into letter shapes to spell out a message for you. It took a while, because it's hard not to wobble about when you're standing on someone's shoulders and even the slightest movement can make a photo blurry. Eventually, Bug managed to take a picture where no-one was wobbling and about to fall down and where we all looked like the letters we were meant to look like - you can see it at the top of this post!

Our inventors needed their camera back yesterday, so we posted it to them through the squeeshoot. We're not feeling too sad about this as Trig thought the camera was so amazing that he's out in the shiny silver thing on the marsh making us one to keep! He says it could take a few months, but we think it will be worth waiting for.

Whizz :)

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