How I was created

I was the first Squeeble to be designed and have since taken on a life of my own, but I started off as a simple drawing in a sketch pad. My inventor drew several versions of me and his children joined in too. You can see in the picture below that I started off looking very different to how I do now! Even the number on my body has changed.

Once the drawings were finished, I was the Squeeble that our inventor chose to start working on first and he began redesigning me on his computer. Eventually he and his family all agreed that my eyes were just the right size and that they liked the way that my head was round on one side but swooped up into a flame shape on the other. In the first drawings, all the Squeebles had different kinds of eyes and noses, but once I was finished it felt right for Squeebles to have feet, eyes and a nose that looked just like mine. They also decided that we should all have numbers and letters on our bodies as these things would be a big part of what all Squeebles would go on to do in the apps which we'd appear in. However, once those things were decided there were no other rules about how a Squeeble should look and the others seemed almost to invent themselves, appearing quickly on the screen as our inventor clicked his mouse around, smoothing edges and adding a little gloss here and there. Much later my inventor wrote some code that let me spin around, allowed my eyes to move and my mouth to smile. Once I was in the computer I really began to come to life.
Eventually though, there were so many of us being lively inside our inventor's computer, that he couldn't get much work done and we were getting squashed, so he designed the Squeeble Island where we could live happily. He opened a door between the island and his computer and we come and go as we please. Sometimes we come onto our inventor's computer screen and suggest ideas for a new app or other ways we might be able to help children learn....and sometimes we just appear and pull a funny face before running back through the door to Squeeble Island again!

Whizz :)

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