How to tell your left from your right

Hello Friends,

Soon I'm going to teach you an amazing trick for learning your nine times tables, but for it to work you'll need to know your left from your right. Even some adults have problems remembering this, so I thought I'd teach you an easy way to store it in your head. If you already know this trick, or if you have a powerful inbuilt left and right sensor, maybe you could teach it to a younger brother or sister? We think that even when they're 100 years old they'll still probably think of you and remember you teaching them this every time they need to know left from right.

Squeebles don't have fingers like humans, but we often imagine what it would be like to have so many useful prongs. Recently, Lex had a stroke of genius and realised that not only are they useful for picking things up with, but that they could also help you remember your left from your right.

Here's the trick:

Hold your hands up in front of you. Your palms should be facing away from you, so that you can see your fingernails.
Now, stretch your fingers up tall and move your thumbs to the side (so that your thumb and first finger look like one corner of a square). Can you see that on one hand there's a perfect capital 'L' made by your thumb and first finger, but on the other hand it's back to front? Well, it's actually your left hand that allows you to make this perfect 'L' and as L is the first letter of the word 'left' it means it's easy to look at your hands and know that, if you can see your fingernails, whichever hand that is making the L shape the right way around is the left hand! And the other....that must be your right!

I'll be back with the trick for learning your 9 times tables soon,

Whizz :)


  1. thank you for the tip I showed my little brother and he uses it all the time now thanks heaps

  2. Hello Taylah! I'm so pleased the trick has helped your brother. He's very lucky to have you helping him! Whizz :)