Win a Squeeble Competition!

Hello Friends,

I'm so excited to announce that we've decided to run a special competition where the prize is a cuddly, stuffed version! When Lex first said that she wanted to make a toy version of me, I was a bit worried. I was even more worried when she started sewing. First my eyes were too small and then she said that she couldn't quite decide how to attach my feet, so considered not giving me any at all. It was a stressful time! But finally, Lex came up with something that all the other Squeebles agreed did look just like me (although slightly less handsome). At present, there is only one Squeeble toy like this in the entire world. This means that it is quite a special prize, because if you win it you will know that, not only do you have something totally unique, but also that you are touching something that has been made right here on Squeeble Island. Your work would also be featured on this blog, for public admiration!

To have a chance of winning, we're asking you to draw a picture of the house that you imagine your favourite Squeeble might live in, here on Squeeble Island. It can be the inside or the outside of the house, but it must include one of the Squeebles. You can use pen, pencil or paint, you could create a collage, or you could be incredibly modern and design it on the computer!

You'll probably know all about who the different Squeebles are and be able to imagine what kind of houses some of them may have, but if you need inspiration you can find out more about us by reading the other posts on this blog or looking at the Squeebles you've won in any of our apps and reading up on our likes and dislikes.

We can't wait to see your pictures and when we've got a nice, juicy pile of entries, we're planning to take them up to The Roundhouse Den to look through them all (we're going to bake chocolate brownies to eat while we admire them!). The competition closes on the 22nd March at midnight (British time).

The (human!) caretakers of Squeeble Island have written all the competition rules and how to enter on their website.

Squeeblemail can be very unreliable and slow (as it depends on finding a willing seagull), so we sent the stuffed Whizz toy through the Squeeshoot, which meant it landed straight in our inventor's house in England! Once it had arrived we asked the inventor and his family to send a photo of the prize with their cat because we love seeing animals with so much hair, as we don't have any fur at all. This is the photo that they sent to us. A Golden Retriever puppy is coming to live with them soon too and we've seen a photo of her and think that she may end up being even bigger and hairier than their cat!

Whizz :)


  1. Dear Whizz,

    My daughter Kate would LOVE to enter your competition, but I can't make the link to the competition rules work. Could you have a quick word with your caretakers about that please?

    Thank you so much,

    Kate's Mum

  2. Hello Kate's Mum,

    Thank you so much for letting me and my caretakers know. The caretakers have now fixed the link and I can't wait to see Kate's entry.

    Whizz :)