Hello friends, it's me, Whizz! I'm so excited to finally be on the Internet and I wanted to tell you how it came about.

It all began several weeks ago when something unusual and a little alarming happened during a particularly exciting game of Squeeberang. Raino was happily streaking through the sky on the Hawkeye Squeeberang and he'd had such an incredibly powerful launch that it had looked as though he may go farther than ever before. Suddenly though, the sky was darkened by a looming shape. Sparks flew, a metal pranging sound boomed through the air making our heads buzz and we watched with horror as Raino and his Squeeberang were knocked violently off course by an enormous flying lump of shiny metal. Raino was catapulted from his seat and we all gasped, Gumbo's antennae wiggling frantically, as we witnessed him shooting through the open window of Ruby's ice cream parlour and heard a huge crash, followed by a strange squelching noise.

We ran over (I got there first, because I can run faster than the speed of sound!) and burst in through the front door. On the bar we saw only the top of Raino's yellow pointy head sticking out from a large vat of ice cream, which Ruby must have just finished churning. For a moment I thought this may just be the saddest day of our entire lives, until I saw Raino's leg begin to wiggle and rise up, flicking a blob of ice cream up onto the ceiling. 'Disgusting,' said Raino, spluttering ice cream from his mouth as his head popped up, 'it's chilli flavour'.

Once Raino had run beneath the sprinkler and washed himself clean of the spicy chilli ice cream, we investigated the strange metal machine which had sent him flying earlier. It had landed at the edge of the marsh and we were able to reach it by propping a wooden plank up to the door. Inside it was deserted, but there were walls covered with flashing lights, screens and even a television. For a week or so we all crowded round and watched a fascinating programme called Blue Peter. We all waited and waited for someone called Peter who was blue (and who we hoped would look a bit more like us). But Peter never appeared, so eventually we decided that playing Squeeberang was more fun than the television.

But Trig loved all the wires and computer parts and while we were trying to beat our best Squeeberang throws, Trig rose early every morning and headed straight out to the silver thing on the marsh. Occasionally, we'd hear hammering and strange noises coming from it, sometimes sparks shot out of the roof, until then one day Trig came bouncing down the ramp shouting that he'd finally done it. The 'it' turned out to be connecting us to something called the Internet, which is how I'm writing to you now. Apparently, I can reach the whole world from here without ever leaving home!

Trig also told me about a thing called a 'blog', which he said is a bit like a diary that you can write in on the Internet and share with other people. That was when I suddenly felt really excited about all Trig's work connecting us to the Internet, because I love writing and I can't wait to tell you all the things we get up to here on Squeeble Island.

I'll be back soon, but in the meantime, I thought you might like me to give you a special tip to use in the Squeebles Maths Bingo game. Here's the tip: if you're making an ice cream to serve to Raino, make sure you avoid anything spicy or hot. He's never liked those flavours, but he's disliked them even more since he nearly drowned in them!

Speak soon,

Whizz :-)

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